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Fireworks Classification 101

In July 2013, PHMSA established a new exception for Division 1.4G consumer fireworks.  Manufacturers of  Division 1.4G consumer fireworks now have the option of applying to a DOT-approved fireworks certification agency (FCA) instead of applying to PHMSA. The fireworks still must conform to the requirements in the APA Standard 87-1, and pass a thermal stability test. Instead of applying to PHMSA, the manufacturer may apply in writing to an FCA with the information required in APA Standard 87-1. After reviewing the application, the FCA will send its recommended certification to PHMSA, and PHMSA will acknowledge the certification. Then the FCA will notify the manufacturer, in writing, if the fireworks have been certified, classed, and assigned an FC number, or if the application is denied {see 49 CFR §173.65).

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