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DOT Fireworks Certification Agency services

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As a DOT approved Fireworks Certification Agency, APT is authorized to review and certify division 1.4G consumer fireworks (UN0336) based on test and criteria prescribed in 49 CFR § 173.65.

HC Commitment

APT has five subject matter experts who are authorized to perform the certification activity.

Upon request to obtain a Firework Certification (FC) number, APT will work with you to make sure your application has the required information to certify your item. APT has developed an easy to follow application that allows quick review and certification. APT's streamline process allows us to certify your fireworks as quickly as possible - which means getting your product on the road and money in your pocket faster.

For more information on obtaining an FC number, click here.


Point of Contact

Jorge Flores 256.327.4018