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Corporate Background

APT is an engineering services company with employees who combine excellence in their disciplines with enthusiasm, versatility, and willingness to "pitch in" wherever needed to support customers, and to perform the many functions of a small company. Employees share ownership in the company and participate in corporate planning and operation. We are both motivated and empowered to provide optimum, flexible support to customers.

Since APT's incorporation in June 1990, the officers have carefully and deliberately built the company's strong technical and administrative infrastructure. Experienced engineers have been chosen to lead project areas, policies and procedures have been developed to address the diverse aspects of contracting and administration, and support personnel have been selected to fill specialty roles. APT proudly continues to provide top-quality services to satisfied and loyal customers.

A unique feature of APT is that we use and have developed a variety of software, models, and analytical tools for evaluating hazards and risks in the areas of explosives safety, flight safety, ground safety, and environmental engineering.

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