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IMESAFR v2 Software & Training Ticket

IMESAFR v2 (Institute of Makers of Explosives Safety Analysis for Risk) is a probabilistic risk assessment tool used to calculate risk to personnel from explosives facilities. Details...


IMESAFR v2 Training Ticket

The purchase of an IMESAFR v2 Training Ticket allows the customer to attend training for IMESAFR v2. The training ticket may be exchanged for a seat at any regularly-scheduled IMESAFR v2 Training Course. Details...



Death and Injuries Resulting from Explosions (DIRE) uses state-of-the-art consequence modeling that is based on more than five years of background work with various military branches to determine the optimal location of explosive facilities to ensure that if an accident occurs, minimal loss of life and damage to other buildings occurs. Details...

$500 +
$11.75 S&H

IMESAFR v2/DIRE Bundle and Training Ticket



The Site Assessment of Tornado Threat, Third Edition (SATT 3.0 for Windows) software developed by VorTek LLC (VORTEK), provides the user with a means of quickly and accurately displaying and analyzing tornado data for any portion of the United States, excluding Alaska. Details...

Contact Frank Tatom for purchase information at eai@mindspring.com or 256-533-9391.


System Safety Scrapbook

Intended Audience: Engineers, designers, system safety analysts and reviewers of analyses.

The latest edition of the System Safety Scrapbook is now available. This publication on the principles of the system safety practice is widely used both as a training aid and as a desktop reference. The Scrapbook is a compilation of 98, one-page, breezy style, problem-solving advisories on the practical aspects of the field -- such things as converting failure rate data to the probability of failure during a specified interval of exposure, and relating system safety practice to reliability engineering. Many watch-outs and potential analytical flaws are identified.

$22 +
$11.75 S&H

Failure Probability Information Handbook

For System Components and Human Operators
For use by Designers, Engineers and Analysts

Intended Audience: Designers, Reliability Engineers, and System Safety Analysts working with electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and similar systems.

Purpose: This handbook contains a large database of failure probability data for system components and human operators of systems. Sources are identified for all data entries. Also included: guidance documents useful to engineers in arriving at, adjusting, and applying failure probability estimates. The data base and guidance are assembled in this single source to support ease of reference use by designers, engineers, and analysts. Included are guidance papers on adjusting failure probability estimates for light duty (i.e., derated) cases, for high stress cases, use of Bayes theorem, and making failure estimates for systems and devices with failure-free operating records.

$120 +
$11.75 S&H